Published Fiction

I have published several pieces of fiction under the pen name A.M. Call. These are links to some of my work.

Crave – Daily Science Fiction

A strange diner’s club bent on anarchy disrupts a classy vegetarian restaurant.

Fixer Upper – Syntax and Salt

Intergalactic planet improvement shows love a good wreck…but only if it’s not too expensive to save.

Ready for Zombies – Unnerving Magazine, Issue 6

Two preppers see their plans go awry when an outbreak of weaponized bubonic plague interrupts the zombie apocalypse they intended to start themselves.

Blood Language – Jitter Press

An ESL tutor finds himself strangely unnerved by a night student with particular needs.

Mars, Afterward – The Open Page

After the unexpected demise of the human species, the Greek god Hades walks the surface of Mars.

The Gift of the Abyss – Tales to Terrify

A mother-daughter relationship turns toxic when mom, who happens to be the unholy avatar of the deep ocean, tries to impose her will upon her human daughter.